Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Memory #22-Fish Fry Sunday


Taking photos of Elizabeth with the wind blowing to get a good photo for the “Summer Breeze” prompt.



First cucumbers from the garden.  This is actually the first time I have ever grown cucumbers.  Daddy took the first bite of the cucumbers.  Me: “How does it taste?”  Daddy: “It was warm.”  Warm?  Well…I just picked it out of the garden…duh.


Mmmm….Lettuce from Walmart, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes from the garden.  Yum Yum…


Photo by Bryan.  Bryan was being goofy and got us to really smile.  He’ll make a great photographer someday.


Fish fry!



Mmmm…lots of providing for ourselves today :)  Fish from our Summer fishing exploits so far.  And good stuff from the garden.  A pretty good Sunday memory, I think. 

Happy Tuesday!

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Carrie said...

Nice! Love stuff off the trees & out of the garden! :)