Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Winter Formal Official Photos


Elizabeth and 2 of her friends from another high school and their friend Brandon.  They had a great time, but they did call to have me pick them up about 10 minutes early.  Getting into the parking lot is the hard part.  Elizabeth wants me to write that she got a picture with Nick Keane.  I don’t know why.  He is a “freshie.”  (Freshman).  She even has the photo on her phone to prove it. 




William and Brandon


I love this picture!!! I wish it would have come out more clear. 


Aren’t they adorable? 


Love this!  It was really fun driving them around.  Even though I was tired and worn out.  Love to hear the teenager conversations.  It really takes me back. 

Happy Saturday (well-guess I missed Saturday, but Happy Sunday!)!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Shopping for Winter Formal & Sneak Peak

I spent the last 2 nights shopping for winter “semi”-formal when I got home from work.  Elizabeth chose one thing, then changed her mind the next day.  We went to the same store twice, then realized on the way out that we didn’t buy the shirt that William wanted.  Thus, the 2 day shopping trip. But she got a GREAT deal on the dress!  So it was all worth it.  And I’m really excited about working on Saturday…  I’m going to try to work on some scrapbooking sometime this weekend as well.  Happy Saturday!

{I love this view with the 3 photos!  Go Live Writer!}

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Playing with Live Writer



Elizabeth and Pudge:  Template, Everyday Twill, Pink Patterned Paper from Ali Edwards Design for Designer Digitals, brown paper from Katie Pertiet for Designer Digitals, Hearts from Patti Knox for Designer Digitals, font-Garamond

This is a quick test page using WIndows Live Writer that I just downloaded for my PC.

This page was based on Ali’s page blogged here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Blast From the Past

{Brush by Ali Edwards-Loving Life Word Art Brushes available at Designer Digitals}
Having fun on the trampoline-I love this photo

My favorite school photo-3rd grade

I love the way that the boys' faces look in this photo!
I didn't have much time tonight, so I decided to post some more scanned photos. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blast from the Past

8th grade graduation
{Am I not just the COOLEST? Please don't answer that.}

I didn't have time to post the digital scrapbook page post that I wanted to post, so I will leave you with this instead. Sorry. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Everyday Stuff-January

Daddy and Bryan were playing Mario Party on the Wii when I got home from work super-late.
Saturday-Daddy is reading up on a problem that my car was exhibiting on the way home from Walmart. Seems it may have been induced by the way that he was driving ;)

Elizabeth is wearing purple to show her support for the Vikings on Sunday after the whooping that the Jets took. She took off her "Vilma" jersey because she didn't want the Saints to think that she was rooting for them (Vilma plays for the Saints now.)

William hanging out with Pudge on the couch.

Bryan IS the DREAM star! Have a great Tuesday! And may you ALL be the DREAM star!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have been scrapbooking like crazy this week. Maybe because I have been working a lot so I have been a lot more focused on getting the things done that are important to me. I used stuff from the little fun packs that I got on Etsy from -shown here to create this page. I love these letter squares. They were perfect for the page. The photo was taken at Christmas at Mom's.
I punched some hearts out, taped them to the page in the pattern that I wanted, then did some crazy stitching with my sewing machine {which still has red thread from Christmas}. I used the new punch that I bought with my Michael's gift card (Martha Stewart) to punch the heart border.
Here is a close-up on the photo. I am working on printing more of the bazillion photos that I take this year. "Living with my photos" (to quote Stacy Julian) is inspiring me like crazy.
The journaling says: I love your photos. that you do dishes for me. that you buy awesome gifts. That you are always happy and laid back. Love that you are mine {heart}. Love that you are a great dad. I love you! Thank you {heart} Mommy.

Here is a closeup of the stitching, buttons, hearts, and letters. I didn't realize how many heart-type punches I had until I started thinking about using the vintage pieces to create a Valentine's layout. I love how it turned out! More scrapbooking inspiration later this week. Happy Sunday! Go Jets!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Found Photos

I love found photos. And when my face fills up more than half of a photo. I know who it was taken by. Every time. My husband. He is dangerous with the zoom lens. :) But I love it. I actually like this photo a LOT. I totally earned all of those lines in my face. The laugh lines, and the wrinkles that are beginning to form around my eyes. I think that I may scrapbook this photo. And journal about how I got those lines. {homework and kids} Have a great weekend! A little bit of work and then some scrapbooking and more photo organization. Yay!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ralph and The New Couch

Ali Edwards Freebie Template available on Ali's blog here. The "Capturing the Moments of Life" brush was also a freebie on Ali's blog available here.
I have been focusing a LOT on Ralph this week. He has such a great personality! I LOVE these photos that I took when we got our new couches. He looks great in Bryan's Bears hat. Ali had this free template on her blog today as part of a feature that she has been doing this week. The page went together in less than an hour! Which is good because I didn't have much more than an hour:) Happy Friday! Go Jets!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

My birthday present came today!

I have been wanting to order this since last year. I almost got it for my birthday last year, but I changed my mind-didn't want to spend too much. And now I have it. I love it! It is just big enough for everyone's names. And the "aware" charm is my "one word" for 2010... and a nice reminder to be more aware. Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ralph 2010-And the new couch

Ralph is such a sweet dog.

On Friday, when Bill was taking down the couches, the dogs were shaken. No-they were visibly ticked off. Where were they going to lay down? How were they going to nap? And they we brought the new ones in. And all 5 of us sat down on them. And the dogs were really pissed. So on Monday morning, as I was heading out the door, I saw that all 3 dogs had a spot on one of the couches. Pudge in one corner, Tigger in the other corner of the couch. And Ralph took the loveseat (being that he is the largest dog.)

Enjoying the loveseat when no one is sitting there

The dogs obviously love Mondays much more than the rest of us. Because they get their furniture all to themselves. Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday. Elizabeth was pretty excited about the Jets' win over the Chargers last night! Go Jets!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Jan 15

Date brush from Ali Edwards' Outline Days, Months, Years, and Numbers Value Pack, available here.

New couches. Finally. New couches for the boys and the dogs to tear up. Oh well. Luckily we didn't spend too much for them. Thanks to Granny and Uncle Tom & Aunt Pauly, and the money that Mom paid us back when we found Elizabeth's gift in here instead of there. Anyway-thank you so much! We used our Christmas money to buy a new couch and loveseat. And again-we didn't spend a ton because...well-you guys know. Dogs and kids. They are sure nice to have though. Very comfy. Happy Saturday Night!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Stuff

Good Stuff from Vintagescrapshop

I have been trying to get rid of the winter *blahs* by searching for inspiration on Etsy. Unfortunately, this often leads to purchasing on Etsy. I've been pretty good though. Lately, I have been interested in vintage stuff. Like the wooden Bingo pieces. And buttons. And scrabble tiles. and vintage sheet music. Just a little something for inspiration and happiness during this kind of "ugly" time of the year. Wishing everyone inspiration and happiness for the weekend. Happy Friday!


Love stamp: Ali Edwards Love Postage available here.
In an effort to repent for yesterday's very "alcoholic sounding" post, I thought I would post this. You know-Valentine's day is coming. I have varying thoughts about V-day. Some years it is important and some years it is not. But last year, my husband got me something really cool. So I feel like I should get him something really cool this year. I'm still working on ideas.
Happy Day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Retrospective: Some Days

Warning: This post is not for those under 21.
Some days are like this. Beautiful and calm and happy and breathtaking. They leave you wanting more days like this. Wanting to spend more time enjoying family, and hanging out. They make you want to take more vacations.

And some days are like this.
They also leave you wanting to take more vacations.
Someone told me today that without days like this, we don't appreciate the good days-the mountain days. The beautiful sunset days.
I still don't think that we need days like this.
But have a nice day. I hope you have more of the other days. I hope I do too. Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blast from the Past

I was looking for a specific photo of William and Elizabeth (I think I'm going to have to pull the actual photo-I didn't have it in my scans) and I ran across this one of my husband and my brother. Aren't they both cute?
And then I ran across this one. Circa~1988. Loved Guns N Roses! And check out that gorgeous Bergan uniform hanging on the wall in the upper right corner of the photo. Nice. Don't miss those uniforms AT ALL.
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

FurChops and a SneakPeak

Elizabeth-no furchop. {Eating pez.}


Bryan-furchop {no photo}

Sarah-sneakpeak for you!

And another sneakpeak.
I know I missed your first day of your new job, Sari. Hope it went well! I started this last week and had planned to work on it over the weekend, but ended up working on Saturday and got nothing done over the weekend :) But it WILL be coming!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eleven Updated Scrapbook Page

A few days ago, I posted this scrapbook page. The products that I used are listed here. Well...I didn't like it.
After: I swapped the light blue and the white, I added Anna Aspnes stitching (freebie from Yesterday and Today class) and an acrylic heart from Patti Knox (available as a set on designer digitals).

I was doing something totally unrelated to this scrapbook page, when I decided to swap the colors. Then I thought of a couple other products that I had that I could add to the page as well. And this is the result. I like it a lot better.

Jets Win! Cowboys Win!

Elizabeth was pretty happy on Saturday as the Jets made a win against the Bengals look easy. William was also pretty happy that cowboys whipped on the Eagles. As my team was obviously not IN the playoffs, I just watched the other games and dreamed about next year! Not much going on around here lately. I have been getting back into yoga. {Had to go out to the factory on Saturday morning, but that is another story.} And I'm still easing into the new year. I haven't been taking a lot of photos yet, kind of taking it easy and trying to decide what project I want to do next. And I'm looking forward to picking up a new *cheap* sofa/loveseat for the dogs and boys to trash this weekend :) Happy Monday! Have a great week!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello Scrapbooking

Paper: Ali Edwards (Harvest Cardstock and Patterns, 09 Brush, "Merry & Bright" Overlay, and Christmas Memories brush) , Katie Pertiet (AnnMarie Paper Pack-both available on, LivE_SSunFun_SnackBag (I think this was a freebie on, and SonjaC_Jane_p05 (I think-haven't been able to find this on ScrapArtist, but I'm pretty sure that is where I bought it).

This layout is a scraplift of a page that Ali Edwards had in the December 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes. I created a template as soon as I read the article and was waiting for Christmas to drop in the photos and write the journaling. Then I created the page. And Bryan accidentally deleted all of the pictures in the MyPictures folder. This was the only thing that I didn't have backed up yet. {Luckily}

"11" Template from Cathy Zielske (CZDesign on Designer Digitals), Pa
per: SonjaC_Jane_p02, Ali Edwards Harvest Cardstock & Patterns, and SP_HarvestSpice_Paper_Ornate (freebie on Shabby Princess).

I don't usually go for templates that are really simple because I can create those at home. But I loved the shape of the script in these templates (so I waited for them to go on sale :) Because I am just cheap like that...I love that it was REALLY simple and that all I had to do was grab a couple of photos and go. (I spent a lot of time fighting with the colors of the paper and the order of the colors, but I'm going to keep it.) The template came in a set with 11 through 20, so I can do one for each of the kids.
I have been working a lot in my art journal lately-I may share what I have been working on soon. And I haven't forgotten about a certain sister who needs an organizer. I hope to work on it this weekend :) Happy Finally Friday and everyone drive safe!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One Word: 2010

My word for 2010: Aware. I want to become more aware, more mindful, of everything around me. I don't want to go through the motions of my life. I want to be aware of everything. Some people create scrapbook pages of their word. I decided to create a canvas of my word. It's not quite done (thus the big blank tag....) but I am happy to have chosen a word.
The beautiful orange roses that Elizabeth got me for my birthday. (She also bought me a gift card for the Outback...which I will use to take my honey out to dinner very soon...)

And this is what I did after work on my birthday. I went to Barnes & Noble...and spent all of my gift card and most of my birthday money on inspirational (expensive) magazines and a new spiral journal. I also got the mini "tartlette" molds that I ordered from littlebyrdvintage on etsy. Love them-I can't wait to make something with them. (Like ornaments!!!). Happy Birthday to me-thanks for all of the well wishes. And yes-I even sent a text or two today with my outdated phone.... Go Hawks!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Dog Pics

Pudge is enjoying the new accent rug.
Tigger looks festive in her red collar.

I don't remember who had what here, but boy are the dogs interested in getting some of it!
Happy Tuesday! I'll post more tomorrow night!