Sunday, July 31, 2011

Putting the pieces together


The documentation phase of Week in the Life 2011 is complete. 

Now I am organizing the supplies that I had set aside for the project and trying to figure out how to make them all work.


I may have gone overboard Winking smile


But I love these color combos and I couldn’t decide on one color combination.  But I think they will all work together, no matter which one I finally decide on. 


I had some help filling out the journaling cards. But I am still working on those. 


By the way-in case you didn’t know-this was my favorite book to read when I was little. 

I just thought you should know Open-mouthed smile

Happy Monday!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life 2011-Friday Part II


This is part II of my Friday post.  You can see Part I here:

Move interruption #1:

Taking Bryan and his friend to a park at one of the middle schools. 


But first:  Daddy had to put license plates on his car. He actually ordered special plates.  But he will get those later.


So we paid the bazillion dollars to get these and make the car legal...  I mean really…

I fell asleep while he was gone and so he started boiling ribs for dinner…


Movie interruption #2: It was suddenly time to pick Bryan and his friend up again.

Bryan’s like…you’re taking a picture of us walking to the car?



Then we stopped here.  Where I got carded.  Open-mouthed smile


And we saw Kirby.  Who I think is from Kirkwood.  (I didn’t know that the kangaroo was our mascot, but whatev.)


And so, of course, I HAD to have my picture taken with him. 

After that there was some Angst that we had to deal with, but I don’t really want to go into detail about that now.


And then I made these.


Daddy made these.


And we ate this. 

During dinner, Bryan asked if he could go somewhere with one of Elizabeth’s friends.  We were about to say no when William asked if we wanted him to go with Bryan. We were like-Yes.  So he did.

(While William and Bryan don’t really get along, I believe that William would stand up for his brother if necessary).

And then we finally watched the rest of our movie.  And fell asleep on the couch.

(Our Fridays are way exciting…I know).

And that has been a week in our life.  Very extraordinary in that it is OUR Ordinary Life. 

Happy Week in the Life!

Week in the Life 2011-Friday-Part I


Up a little earlier than usual so that I could get some findings entered before an 8:00 meeting.  I was able to get to work by 7:15 because I didn’t have to make my lunch since I was leaving early.


As it turned out, a 10:00 meeting got cancelled and I was able to leave at 10:00. So I went to Michael’s for my artist date.

I always visit the Tim Holtz aisle.  In fact, I think I see some things I would like to get. 


(I try to do my artist dates on Friday after work.  It is a nice transition from the work week into the weekend.)  I was looking for flexible modeling paste…The had a spot for it at Michaels…but no flexible modeling paste…so I bought the regular instead.  It did the job for the most part.  But I still want to try the flexible modeling paste. 


After I played with my modeling paste, I started working on the grocery list.  I had a post-it note originally, but it became obvious that the post-it was way too small this week. We were out of EVERYTHING!  So I started with this list.


Then quickly entered it into my spreadsheet.  Yea, I know, I’m an engineer.  But there are so many things that we buy every week that I don’t want to have to write down all the time.  So they are just always in the spreadsheet so that I don’t forget them Open-mouthed smile


So, when I was able to pull my husband away from the NFL network…


and untangled my dog from the surge protector…



we headed to the grocery store.


As you can see by the time we hit the cereal aisle, the cart was already pretty full…

Then we came home and Bryan and Terrence helped unload groceries. 

We started watching Sherlock Holmes, but it took us like 6 hours to finish it because we kept getting interrupted.


The zinnias are blooming like crazy {love}



The morning glories are finally starting to climb.


The dogs are protecting…



And the butterflies are back. 

I ended up taking a ton of photos for Friday, so I am splitting this up into 2 posts. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life 2011-Thursday


Major Pet Peeve:  Getting behind people on the on ramp that don’t know that the ramp is intended for you to be able to accelerate quickly into traffic in a short distance…


The part of my desk at  work that I can share. 


My work buddy and I had to run to a meeting in a different building.  Here he is doing his impression of the heisman trophy.


Queen Anne’s Lace along the street where I park at work.


I am so ready to go home and make my husband dinner. Open-mouthed smile


Gotta love the fluorescent lighting and no flash (we didn’t want to draw attention to ourselves in the cube.)


What my husband does while I’m getting ready for work in the morning.  Of course, he had already done this: 


by the time I got up this morning. 

Tweet after dinner:

DH just said: you are so get to go to work for 10 hrs then I let you come home and make me dinner. Its ok cuz he does dishes Winking smile


Drinking a Pioneer Woman Iced Coffee (except I make mine with instant coffee) while making dinner.


Making dinner.  Yum.


Mine doesn’t look like the recipe, but it tasted pretty darn good!


My “I can’t believe my husband napped for 3 hours and didn’t take any pictures” face. 


I love this lone magenta Cosmo blooming in the backyard.  They are getting ready to burst into bloom. 


Working at the dining room table after dinner.  Crazy busy lately!


How could you be mad at this guy? 

It has been a long week at work but I’m really excited because I have taken A LOT of photos! 

I can’t wait for Saturday when I get to put it all together. 

Happy Thursday!