Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life 2011-Wednesday


I had to really reach today to find something to take photos of.  This is the reminder on my Blackberry to wake up William.


Tigger is waiting for her morning snack.  And then her piece of cheese slice.


As I was walking out of the house, I decided to walk back in and grab my Marmot. And then it started raining as soon as I got to work.  So it turned out to be a good thing.  (I hate getting my glasses wet!")


My Zune.  A must-have at work and working out on the exercise bike.  I got home at 5:45 tonight and then got on the bike about 6:00.  I didn’t even remember to grab a cup of coffee when I got home…


Elizabeth laying around after she took Bryan to Vacation Bible School.  (She was actually laying in the dark watching tv, but I couldn’t get a good photo, so I had to turn the light on.)


Lots of dishes in the sink today.  They will be there tomorrow too. 


A simple dinner tonight.  Tuna and Crackers and a few smoked oysters too.  Yum.


Mrs. Whiskers.  Mr. Squeakers was sleeping and I couldn’t get a very good photo of him, so I will try again tomorrow. 


I was looking out the window and Ralph thought he should see what I was looking at. 


I was taking my life in my hands with this shot (which is why I had trouble holding the camera still).  So sweet when he’s sleeping Open-mouthed smile


Bryan playing Call of Duty Black Ops after volunteering at Vacation Bible School tonight.

I am very proud of him this week.  He hasn’t even complained about having to go.  (That is, after we got over the Sunday night arguing…)

Another great day!  I can’t believe there are only 2 days left!!!  Then the REAL fun part begins!!

Happy Day 5!

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