Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life 2011-Friday Part II


This is part II of my Friday post.  You can see Part I here:

Move interruption #1:

Taking Bryan and his friend to a park at one of the middle schools. 


But first:  Daddy had to put license plates on his car. He actually ordered special plates.  But he will get those later.


So we paid the bazillion dollars to get these and make the car legal...  I mean really…

I fell asleep while he was gone and so he started boiling ribs for dinner…


Movie interruption #2: It was suddenly time to pick Bryan and his friend up again.

Bryan’s like…you’re taking a picture of us walking to the car?



Then we stopped here.  Where I got carded.  Open-mouthed smile


And we saw Kirby.  Who I think is from Kirkwood.  (I didn’t know that the kangaroo was our mascot, but whatev.)


And so, of course, I HAD to have my picture taken with him. 

After that there was some Angst that we had to deal with, but I don’t really want to go into detail about that now.


And then I made these.


Daddy made these.


And we ate this. 

During dinner, Bryan asked if he could go somewhere with one of Elizabeth’s friends.  We were about to say no when William asked if we wanted him to go with Bryan. We were like-Yes.  So he did.

(While William and Bryan don’t really get along, I believe that William would stand up for his brother if necessary).

And then we finally watched the rest of our movie.  And fell asleep on the couch.

(Our Fridays are way exciting…I know).

And that has been a week in our life.  Very extraordinary in that it is OUR Ordinary Life. 

Happy Week in the Life!

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