Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week In the Life 2011-Saturday


Self-portrait for Shimelle’s Explore Class.  I thought maybe I could use it for this week’s album as well.


Getting ready to leave for Walmart.


William was bored and asked to come with me. 

After I took the photo in the middle of the store, I told him, “It was on the list…I had to take a picture…”  And I showed him where I had written on the list to take a photo in this aisle.  And he said… “Well…if it was on the list…” The kids know…if it’s on the list-or if it’s NOT on the list…they better have a good reason for asking for it Open-mouthed smile


11:00 am chat for “One Little Word” 

I did some house cleaning during the chat.  Yes.  I clean if:

1.  Company is coming.  2. Week in the Life


Speaking of One Little Word:  Simplify is my word for 2011.  It is a work in progress. 


The zinnias are blooming!


Backed into the driveway to unload groceries.  It was nice to have William’s help. 


Ralph is sleepy. 


Reading for when I’m on the exercise bike. 

Exercise bike today: 45 minutes, 9 miles, 200 calories.




There was a LOT of this today. 


Breakfast.  Cocoa Puffs. 


Open-mouthed smile  So happy in the morning. 

Normally, I let the kids (especially the boys) have their way and I don’t take photos of them.  But during week in the life, I say this:  “It’s week in the life.  I have to take your picture.”  And it is universally understood that you don’t mess with me during Week in the Life.  (There are exceptions to this rule…William usually runs out of patience by about Thursday and I don’t get any more photos of him.)


So cute-love that I took 2 photos of them together and they had the exact same smile in both of them. 

Bryan was getting ready to leave with a friend to see an MMA fight and then head to Adventureland on Sunday. 


Daddy worked all day, but he installed the new HD DirecTV receiver (one of them) and activated it. 

William installed his own receiver and activated it by himself.


Folding my Laundry and washing towels. 

Today was a great day!  I am so grateful for my family and love them so much!  I prefer to start WITL on Saturday since I work during the week and I take tons of photos on Sat and Sunday to make up for days during the week when I work late and I don’t take as many photos.  I like to start out  super-enthusiastic on Sat because I’m usually SICK of taking photos by Friday Open-mouthed smile 

Happy Weekend!

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