Thursday, November 27, 2008


On the inside, I have listed all the things that I am grateful for right now. Happy Thanksgiving!
I made this album using mixed media methods on the covers of a $1.00 notebook from Michaels. The "gratitude" I got from Heidi Swapp's Digiboutique. I printed the "gratitude" brush (using Photoshop Elements) onto a transparency, then rubbed a dry brush in white paint and applying to the back of the transparency, then attaching in front of the orange paper from Making Memories Basics line. I used tissue paper from Target and applied it to the covers of the notebook using Mod Podge. I think the flowers are from Making Memories as well.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poor Pudge

Gratitudes coming tomorrow...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Stuff!

NIN Concert

NIN Concert Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Trent Reznor,

Great Show! Once my husband graciously maneuvered us out of the Mosh Pit, I had a fantastic time. It is the first time I've been to a concert in like 17 years...Wow...and boy did I feel old. I am really impressed with the way that you jump around onstage for 2 hours. I would need to be put in an oxygen tent for the rest of the night after all of that activity. I love your music. From the songs on Pretty Hate Machine all the way through to The Slip. But my very favorite right now is still Ghosts I-IV. I read all of the Twilight Series while listening to these 2 CDs. And I think it fits the books perfectly.
Thanks so much for coming to Cedar Rapids!! We're so glad you could visit. Please come again.


Stories in Hand

More Explanation about the Stories in Hand Class

I am totally loving the free Stories in Hand Class that I am taking on Jessica Sprague's Website. Jessica uses prompts to get your mind moving so that you can tell those long forgotten stories that happened anytime from last year to 30 years ago! I was amazed once I started writing how many stories started coming to me and how many details I actually could remember about things that I hadn't thought about in years! Thanks so much, Jessica!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stories in Hand Assignment 2

Stories in Hand Assignment 2
In answer to the prompt-how do your children get along with each other (or something like that).

The Story

Elizabeth is a very social animal. She gets along with both of her brothers very well-but not necessarily at the same time. As a female, naturally she tends to pair off with one or the other most of the time. One day it may be Elizabeth and William listening going to a party together {they actually do this a lot. William doesn't hang out with friends very often, so Elizabeth often invites him to Tara's parties at her house, which I think is totally awesome!} Other times it may be Elizabeth and Bryan watching a movie together, or playing a game. Sometimes, William and Bryan even play basketball, football, or badminton together in the front yard. Unfortunately, while this usually begins harmlessly enough, it typically ends badly. Usually with William getting angry and stomping off.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when all 3 kids get along together. Especially at Christmas time. Sometimes they will play Guitar hero together,or Mario Party or something like that. Sometimes they all sit around and watch a favorite movie together, like Napoleon Dynamite, or just about any of the Adam Sandler movies-like Billy Madison, or Tommy Boy-all 5 of us will stop what we are doing to watch Tommy Boy The Matrix is another movie that all of the kids will watch together...and the SAW movies {gross! I refuse to watch any movie with the name SAW-regardless of its popularity...}

Sometimes they play games together-all 3 of them. Last year at Granny and Papa's they got a bunch of games for Christmas and they played Sorry together. They were pretty good until near the end of the game.

For the most part, our kids get along pretty well with each other. As they get older, those moments change. Sometimes William goes to movies with Elizabeth and her friends too. I think the age difference between Elizabeth and Bryan sometimes gets in the way. And as a Mom, I totally love seeing the kids interacting with each other and hanging out. I wish they would do it more often! Sometimes they are nice to each other and sometimes they are being crazy loud and irritating-but I always love them!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Females of the family

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It was great spending time with you over the weekend!

Look at this photogenic one who is-I think-a little bit taller than me now.

There is nothing better than a cold Fall day, family, and 3 different football games on 3 different tv's. GO SUNDAY TICKET! The only way it could have been better is if all of our teams would have won...:(

We miss you, Sarah!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Here we go-here is my first official blog post! I am officially launching my blog just in time for the holidays! I am currently working on several projects-following Ali Edward's december daily album, working on a gratitude album for the month of November, and trying to take a photo a day throughout November for a Gratitude layout spread at the end of the month. You can read a little about the project here. Welcome and thanks for looking!