Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sari!!!


I can’t believe that my little sister is turning 28!  {But don’t ask our brother-because he doesn’t know how old she is.  Even though he is only 1 year younger:) }


I was soooo excited to have a little sister!  And I seem to appear in all of the photos of Sarah’s first birthday.


Smurf slippers!


Getting ready to blow out the candles!


Sesame street books!


Now Sarah has a little sister of her own!


All of us!




I love this picture.  Sari looks like the princess that we always knew that she was!


Playing dress-up.


I wasn’t going to include this picture, but Butch said, and I quote, “People are supposed to be embarrassed on their birthdays!”  I think it’s cute anyway!


So sweet!


New game!



Another photo of me with Sarah on her first birthday!


“She’ll see it later, Clark.  Her eyes are frozen.”  This is totally a Christmas Vacation scene. 


Holding William and hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa after confirmation.  And this year William will be celebrating Confirmation!  Wow!!

How the time flies!  I remember when you were born.  I’m so lucky to have a sister like you.  Love you and hope to see you soon!  Happy “28th” Birthday!  No matter what Jake says :) 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week in the Life-Tues, Wed, & Thursday


  Tuesday-I love this “normal” photo of us eating at the table.  Most of the time-William is asleep in the afternoon after school (he is a night owl).  And sometimes he eats with us…sometimes not.  And often some of the group eats in front of the tv.  I usually eat at the table.  Once in a while I will eat in front of the computer.




Ahhh-what shall be known forever as the, “teacup incident of 2010.”


Daddy and I trying to look “normal'” while making dinner.  Happy because I’m leaving work.  Downtown on my way to work.  Daddy mowing the lawn. 


I got a smile from William today.


I can honestly say that this is the first time I have taken a photo of myself brushing my teeth.  The photo of Bryan came home with him from his last Religious Ed class.  In contrast to a year ago when I did this project-this year my running shoes are seeing some action. 


Lots of journaling for Wednesday.  I’m usually sick of taking photos on Wednesday.



Mmmm…pancakes…and what shall be known as “the great dog water pancake conspiracy.”


By Thursday, I was ready to go again.  I took tons of photos of Elizabeth in front of the lilac bush.


William seriously looks like he has fire coming out of his eyes.  I didn’t take any more photos of him on Thursday :)  I borrowed the camera at work to take a photo of the goose that hangs out behind our window (I had to take the photo through the glass.)


I accidently printed the photo of Elizabeth twice.  I still don’t know which photo I forgot to print.  Thursday morning I realized that I have never taken photos of backpacks by themselves.  And backpacks don’t yell at me for taking photos at 7:20 in the morning.



William getting ready for school in the morning (I was feeling brave.)  Elizabeth and I at the gas station after the LONGEST CONCERT EVER!  Beautiful lilacs on the table.  Dirty Dishes Always!  A photo with my Admin at work taken by one of the other admins!  We joke around about me taking supplies out of the cabinet.  I LOVE office supplies.  Bryan watching tv after school.  Have a great Friday!   

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Picture Spring {28:30}


I don’t have time to upload my photos for Week in the Life because I was on the phone with Mom until 10, but here is my , “Charmed, I’m sure” vignette for our Picture Spring class.  I am a few days behind, but I knew exactly what I wanted to take a photo of today :)  Happy Thursday! 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week in the Life 2010-Sat, Sun, & Mon Layouts




Credits:  Everything that I used is available at and everything except the paper on the digital collages is Ali Edwards.  The patterned paper in the collages is Michelle Martin. 

I have been a blog hermit for the last couple of days.  On Friday night and most of the day Saturday I worked on my layouts.  I decided last week that I was NOT going to reinvent the wheel for the collages.  I LOVE Ali’s templates for this year’s Week in the Life and I decided that I would use her collage templates for my “page 4” layout.  I used various brushes for the Page one “Daily Intro” as she called them. Finally, I decided to print the baseball card photos and the 8.5x5 photos.  The collage pages I did the same thing that Ali did and uploaded them to on Saturday night and ordered them.  I used Making Memories paper for my “page 1” layout.  And I love that I was able to incorporate my messy/hurried writing on my layouts.  It was great fun journaling everyday.  I put all my pages in a cheap binder for now while I decide where I want to put them.  I have a 12x12 binder for my last 2 years of Week in the Life and will probably put this year’s week in there as well.



My baseball card protector pages. 


Collage page for Saturday.  I decided to use the outline dates/days to add something to the collage. 






Elizabeth’s coloring page.


Bryan’s rainbow created with the new paint pens.

2Sunday_Page4 copy_edit2

Sunday’s collage of photos.


Love this. 



Baseball card size photos. 



Monday’s collage photos. 

So-the reason that I was awol for a couple of days has to do with this book: 


I picked it up on our way to the gym on Sunday morning.  I read it most of Sunday.  Then I finished it at midnight on Monday night.  That is why I wasn’t blogging :) 

Have a great Wednesday! 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week in the Life-Friday


Welcome to the last day of documentation for The Week in the Life Project.  This is the virtual post-it note that was on my computer first thing on Friday morning.  A good way to start the day : )


Daily Intro

The kids had an early dismissal, so I told them to take some photos {by them, of course, I mean Elizabeth.  She is the only one who remembers what I tell her-usually.}



Elizabeth hanging out with her friend Matt. 


Tigger kept pulling plastic bottles out of the recycling and taking the caps off.  Then she would go get another one. 


One more concert.  This one was much shorter. 


Doing dishes when he got home from work.


Probably tired of photos.


I know he was tired of photos.  He was trying to flash me in the eye with a mini-maglight, but it wouldn’t turn on.  Heh heh…


Ralph is admiring the lilacs outside the window. 

I can’t believe that the week is over!! I stayed up until 12:30 (which is late for me) on Friday night getting everything set up to print.  I am working on the final product today (Saturday) and hope to start posting on Sunday or Monday.  Have a great rest of the weekend!  Happy Saturday!