Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the Life-Tuesday Part I


Daddy outside with the puppies while I’m making my morning coffee. 


Bryan checking his facebook before school.  He was up much earlier than he was on Monday morning.


Bryan telling me that Tigger already looked pretty sad and I hadn’t even left the driveway yet. 


Self-portrait before I take off for work. 


Downtown Cedar Rapids at 7:40 am.  The best part of driving home through downtown in the afternoon is the smell of Captain Crunch from the Quaker plant on the left.  Crunchetize me, Captain!!


The side of my building where I park.  I held up the camera and pressed the shutter button.  Photo turned out great-with no cars.  I’m rather shocked. 


4:00-Calling it a day early.  Typically I work until 5, but since I went into work on Sunday, I have some extra time. 


Daddy has been busy today.  He was mowing the lawn when I got home.


And earlier in the day, he did dishes.  And cleaned off the stove. 

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