Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week in the Life-Friday


Welcome to the last day of documentation for The Week in the Life Project.  This is the virtual post-it note that was on my computer first thing on Friday morning.  A good way to start the day : )


Daily Intro

The kids had an early dismissal, so I told them to take some photos {by them, of course, I mean Elizabeth.  She is the only one who remembers what I tell her-usually.}



Elizabeth hanging out with her friend Matt. 


Tigger kept pulling plastic bottles out of the recycling and taking the caps off.  Then she would go get another one. 


One more concert.  This one was much shorter. 


Doing dishes when he got home from work.


Probably tired of photos.


I know he was tired of photos.  He was trying to flash me in the eye with a mini-maglight, but it wouldn’t turn on.  Heh heh…


Ralph is admiring the lilacs outside the window. 

I can’t believe that the week is over!! I stayed up until 12:30 (which is late for me) on Friday night getting everything set up to print.  I am working on the final product today (Saturday) and hope to start posting on Sunday or Monday.  Have a great rest of the weekend!  Happy Saturday! 

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