Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the Life-Monday-Part I


Up at 6:45.  Making my lunch.  This is actually only part of my lunch.  I also warmed up some Progresso light chicken noodle soup to put in my thermos. 


Getting ready for school.


Still getting ready.  Bryan didn’t get up until 7:30!  I was melting down fast.  He was finally ready at 7:40, but then told me that he needed lunch money.  I flung the checkbook at the table.  It caught the edge of one of the new candleholders that Sari gave me for Easter and broke the edge before the rest of it hit the floor and cracked the rest of the way.  Boo! 


Elizabeth is happy that she finally has Doritoes.  Now they can stop eating all of my Baked Scoops and salsa. 


In front of the flowering crabapple tree.  


Eating the crabapple blossoms…


I was holding the camera and looking at William, but not looking at the viewfinder.  William is so hard to catch because he moves so fast.  I got lucky this time.


Dinner by Tyson’s.  Yum.  But a little too much sodium for me. 


Photo by Bryan.  Hanging out at dinner time. 


Photo by Liz.  Being Goofy. 

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