Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the Life-Tuesday, Part II


Elizabeth took a photo of her and pudge.  Because that is what she does.


I made myself some tea so that i could sit outside on the front patio and drink tea. 


And then Bryan sat in my chair-for less than 20 seconds.  I glued it back together and put the cup back in the china cabinet.  He now owes me another one. 


I caught this Robin in the neighbor’s yard.  I have been trying to catch him in the neighbor’s bird bath, but I never have the camera when I see him.  I’m pretty sure that the guy across the street thought that I was either taking pictures of him or that I was a little crazy lurking behind my car with my giant zoom lens. Probably a little bit of both.  Good.


Ralph LOVES to play in the backyard.  He is just a playful pooch. 


I decided that I did NOT want to eat the crabapple blossoms.  So I just stood in front of them :) 


I am laughing because Daddy was supposed to try to act “normal” because he already had the hamburgers pattied when I wanted Bryan to take a photo of us making dinner.  Clearly-I should have known that my husband can NOT ACT NORMAL.  Oh well.  


We finally settled on this. 


Today’s assignment was to capture lens flare.  It is much easier to do this in the morning, but I don’t have time for that in the morning.  So I was still trying.  I like the way the shot turned out.



{William usually sits in the spot that Bryan was in, but he fell asleep WAY early!}

This photo looks so normal-just 4 of the 5 of us eating burgers from the grill  (I had a spicy black bean burger-equally yummy!). And yet, just 2 shots after this we get to see a photo of what is in my husband’s mouth.  I am sparing everyone that pleasure. 

I can’t believe that it is almost Thursday already!  Just 2 more days of documenting and choosing my favorite photos!  Two band performances coming up-one on Thursday, one on Friday.  I’m really bad about taking photos at these events, but I will do my best.  I have trouble holding still so that I can get good photos.  Happy Thursday! 

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Sarah B said...

I have been loving all of your photos of your week. Your hair is getting really long! Today is D day!!! So happy. Think I might be busting my champagne bottle alone but that's ok. That was the original plan before I met all of my new friends. Courtney works tonight and Cort got his first tattoo yesterday so we were up way late and he only slept 2 hours before work. He's in bed already ;) I don't mind. I'm just so happy right now nothing could bring me down! Plus I have Friday and Saturday that I can go out! I love you guys!! Wish you could celebrate with me!! I'll have to make my new margarita recipe for you next time I'm there. Miss you, love you!