Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week in the Life-Tues, Wed, & Thursday


  Tuesday-I love this “normal” photo of us eating at the table.  Most of the time-William is asleep in the afternoon after school (he is a night owl).  And sometimes he eats with us…sometimes not.  And often some of the group eats in front of the tv.  I usually eat at the table.  Once in a while I will eat in front of the computer.




Ahhh-what shall be known forever as the, “teacup incident of 2010.”


Daddy and I trying to look “normal'” while making dinner.  Happy because I’m leaving work.  Downtown on my way to work.  Daddy mowing the lawn. 


I got a smile from William today.


I can honestly say that this is the first time I have taken a photo of myself brushing my teeth.  The photo of Bryan came home with him from his last Religious Ed class.  In contrast to a year ago when I did this project-this year my running shoes are seeing some action. 


Lots of journaling for Wednesday.  I’m usually sick of taking photos on Wednesday.



Mmmm…pancakes…and what shall be known as “the great dog water pancake conspiracy.”


By Thursday, I was ready to go again.  I took tons of photos of Elizabeth in front of the lilac bush.


William seriously looks like he has fire coming out of his eyes.  I didn’t take any more photos of him on Thursday :)  I borrowed the camera at work to take a photo of the goose that hangs out behind our window (I had to take the photo through the glass.)


I accidently printed the photo of Elizabeth twice.  I still don’t know which photo I forgot to print.  Thursday morning I realized that I have never taken photos of backpacks by themselves.  And backpacks don’t yell at me for taking photos at 7:20 in the morning.



William getting ready for school in the morning (I was feeling brave.)  Elizabeth and I at the gas station after the LONGEST CONCERT EVER!  Beautiful lilacs on the table.  Dirty Dishes Always!  A photo with my Admin at work taken by one of the other admins!  We joke around about me taking supplies out of the cabinet.  I LOVE office supplies.  Bryan watching tv after school.  Have a great Friday!   

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