Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stories in Hand Assignment 2

Stories in Hand Assignment 2
In answer to the prompt-how do your children get along with each other (or something like that).

The Story

Elizabeth is a very social animal. She gets along with both of her brothers very well-but not necessarily at the same time. As a female, naturally she tends to pair off with one or the other most of the time. One day it may be Elizabeth and William listening going to a party together {they actually do this a lot. William doesn't hang out with friends very often, so Elizabeth often invites him to Tara's parties at her house, which I think is totally awesome!} Other times it may be Elizabeth and Bryan watching a movie together, or playing a game. Sometimes, William and Bryan even play basketball, football, or badminton together in the front yard. Unfortunately, while this usually begins harmlessly enough, it typically ends badly. Usually with William getting angry and stomping off.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when all 3 kids get along together. Especially at Christmas time. Sometimes they will play Guitar hero together,or Mario Party or something like that. Sometimes they all sit around and watch a favorite movie together, like Napoleon Dynamite, or just about any of the Adam Sandler movies-like Billy Madison, or Tommy Boy-all 5 of us will stop what we are doing to watch Tommy Boy The Matrix is another movie that all of the kids will watch together...and the SAW movies {gross! I refuse to watch any movie with the name SAW-regardless of its popularity...}

Sometimes they play games together-all 3 of them. Last year at Granny and Papa's they got a bunch of games for Christmas and they played Sorry together. They were pretty good until near the end of the game.

For the most part, our kids get along pretty well with each other. As they get older, those moments change. Sometimes William goes to movies with Elizabeth and her friends too. I think the age difference between Elizabeth and Bryan sometimes gets in the way. And as a Mom, I totally love seeing the kids interacting with each other and hanging out. I wish they would do it more often! Sometimes they are nice to each other and sometimes they are being crazy loud and irritating-but I always love them!

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