Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Memory #21-Gone Fishin’…#3


First things first…we all went!

{Well-we didn’t all go.  Elizabeth thought about it, but she changed her mind} 

While we driving there, I realized that I hadn’t had the appropriate amount of coffee for a complete morning.  (It was 6:30).  I was a little grizzly early on. 

Walking to the spot that we like to fish at was an adventure itself.  Daddy overfilled the cooler with Diet Pepsi and ice.  He had to keep stopping to set it down and rest.


Not appropriately caffeinated, but happy to be outside in the fresh air.


Getting the poles ready for bait.


Love the mist on the lake.


Good Morning!


Bryan still gets bored pretty quickly, so most of the time he uses spinner bait.  He also saw a huge fish on the other side of the lake.  He wanted to catch it so badly.  But he couldn’t quite get it.


Bored…I did some journaling, took some photos of my feet.  I decided to walk around the lake a couple of times.  I brought my music and my tennis shoes in case this happened. 


As soon as I finished stretching after I got back from my walk, I caught fish #1.  I fish exclusively with worms.  I have good luck with that.  Always have.  So I’m sticking with worms.


And a little while later, I caught fish #2

Butch, “I’m switching to worms.”  He had been fishing with chicken liver all morning-hoping to catch some catfish with it.   

Both caught-NOT with the expensive Abu Garcia rod.  But with the cheap ZEBCO 202 rod and reel.  I love that thing!  I catch more fish with the 202 than with anything else! 


Unfortunately…I was the only one to catch any fish.  Bryan was pretty bummed.  I even let him use the 202.  It was still a beautiful day (a little hot by noon when we left), but we have enough fish to eat Sunday. That will be another memory.  Yum!!

Happy Saturday!

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