Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Memory #15-Fave Article of Clothing


This post is actually based on a journal prompt from Kara’s Summer of Love Class.  Now this may seem odd, but I actually do not consider myself a shoe person.  I have one pair of work shoes.  (And I am on my third pair of exactly the same kind).  And I have one pair of boots for winter (UGGs to keep my feet super toasty warm).  I don’t have to have EVERY pair of shoes that I see.  I actually just latch on to ONE KIND of shoe.  And that is ALL I will wear.  I love Tevas.  Ever since being introduced to them some several years ago.  And I have bought one pair per year (except this year-since I was ordering some anyway, I thought I should grab a new pair of flip-flops).  I started with the blue pair in the middle.  A few years later I ran across the flip flops.  I bought them because I love the strap design.  But I fell in love with them because of the mushiness.  OMG.  My feet are in heaven when I wear them.  And my feet are seriously picky! Which is why I love them so much.  My feet do strange things with cheap shoes.     


The terra-fi’s I love for camping.  And walking.  And wearing… Because they can get wet, you can wear them in the lake when you are trying to fish out your line when it gets stuck in the sargasso sea that is the Pleasant Creek lake.  You can wear them to walk through your campsite while there is still dew on the grass.  And it is all good.  Actually, I probably have gotten all of my flip flops wet at some point too, but not on purpose…

So…I am more of a collector.  A collector of Tevas. 

So thank you, Teva.  I love you.  And so do my feet. 

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