Monday, July 12, 2010

Picture Summer Photos {Day 2 through 12}

I am going to switch gears tonight from Camp Scrap to Picture Summer.  And I have a confession to make.  Sometimes…I have taken photos after I have read a prompt, but find that I just HAVE to use it even though I wasn’t specifically taking it for that day’s prompt.  Okay, so-now you know.  And it is okay-we have permission to do that.  Because if I mess around too long it will be October and I will have no pictures :) 



{2:31} Splashy

Devon would run full boar at the pool and jump in.  Perfect!


{3:31} Getting Centered

If any object deserves to be front and center-the American flag on the 4th of July is definitely it.


{4:31} Summer Traditions

I soooo love these family get togethers.  I wish we were able to do it more often.


{5:31} Tall Drink of Water

I LOVE zinnias.  And blue Ball jars.  The perfect combination.


{6:31} Loose Interpretation of wide open spaces.  It looks like LOTS of strawberries.

I am already thinking that I may use my previous photo of downtown Cedar Rapids instead of the strawberries for “Wide Open Spaces.”  Actually, many of the photos here will probably get changed before the final cut for Picture Summer.  Sometimes I even use 2 or 3 photos for the same prompt. 


{7:31} So Subtle

The subtle hint of lavender mixed in with the dark purple morning glories. 


{8:31} Treasure Hunters

Since I don’t get to the “real” beach, I used a prop.  I think I bought the prop at a garage sale. I love shells. 


{9:31} The Shape of Things

These are absolutely beautiful.  I have never tried to grow gladiolas myself, but I was admiring these after I bought them. 


{10:31} Making Memories

It is so awesome that Hailey is already embarking on the journey of photographic enjoyment.  I am so happy.


{11:31} Treat Yourself

I bought some gladiolas at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning.  They are absolutely beautiful! 


{12:31} Simple Solitude

The self-timer is a fantastic invention.  Enjoying some simple solitude journaling outside in the firepit area.  It is one of my new favorite summer pleasures.  There are always at least 2 dogs nearby to guard me. 

I was a little worried about Picture Summer at first because I started to get overwhelmed with all of the things that I had going on at one time.  I finally decided that I didn’t have time to upload these to the BPS site, but that I should focus on getting the photos taken and making them look the way that I want.  And now I am caught up with day 12 and I am happy. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Carrie said...

Great pics! I love the Hollyhocks and are on my list for Subtle. I find I have a lot of days to fill in either due to weather or just rolling the prompt around in my head. Oh well. lol