Sunday, July 18, 2010

Picture Summer Photos Day 13-18-Edited


{13:31} Juicy Fruit

After I posted this the first time, I was able to get some time on Elizabeth’s schedule and so I got some really good shots with the breeze blowing.  The problem is…I can’t decide between these two post-processed shots.  Maybe I will be able to choose tomorrow.


PW 70s-I’m in love with this action this summer.  I love how it saturates the colors in the photo to mimic the look of a polaroid. 


PW BW Beauty.  Tracey Clark used a beautiful Black and White photo for this prompt and I love the way it looks. 

{14:31}  Summer Breeze



{15:31} Picture Postcard

I used a photo from last summer when we were in Colorado.  Beautiful Lake Evans with a 70s photo action from the Pioneer Woman.


{16:31} Friday Light-

I loved the way the light was shining through the trees onto the weeds (and the flowers and the zucchini).


{17:31} Visual Interest

Something that you saw during a different adventure.  I saw the butterfly while I was waiting for the fish to bite on Saturday :)


{18:31} Playtime

I was trying to take photos of myself blowing bubbles.  Um..yea…that didn’t work so well.  Elizabeth got home from a friend’s house just in time.  So I had her help me by blowing the bubbles and I took the photos.  Love how this turned out! 

Have a great start to your week!  Happy Monday!

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