Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week in the Life-Friday



On Friday, the kids got out of school early.  I had some things at work to finish up and wasn’t going to be able to come home early.   So I told Elizabeth to take some photos while they were all home.  I got this one of Elizabeth and Bryan, another one of the 2 of them, and a photo of Elizabeth eating a pizza roll for lunch that Bryan took.  Nice. 


The little “virtual” post – it note was in the middle of my computer screen when I got up.  Daddy had ordered the timing belt and water pump replacement kit before he left for work.  You will be learning more about that adventure very soon.  It was a little pricey, but better than waiting for the belt to snap.  I hit an all-time high in activity points this week-in fact, I don’t think I have ever had that many activity points in ALL the years that I have gone to weight watchers.  I have never really been an activity person.  But it happened to work out that way this week :) 



That night Elizabeth had another band concert.  She made me go so that Matt would have someone to sit with.  Only a Mom would sit through the same concert more than once, right :)  A friend at work shared his recipe for breakfast burritos-yum!  Elizabeth had also taken a photo of the Rocky movie that Bryan was watching that afternoon. Tigger lounging on the couch. Elizabeth going out to dinner with her holey pants. 


Collage photos:  William is trying to flash me in the eyes/camera with a little maglite (but it wouldn’t turn on :)  Ralph is looking at the lilacs outside.  Elizabeth is getting ready for school.  Bryan is tired of taking photos :)  Bryan playing with his little skateboard (making ramps out of the 3 ring binders).  Daddy doing dishes after work.  Elizabeth putting her clarinet together. 

I got my prints from on Saturday and they turned out great! I already had everything else put together and I just needed to slip the collage photos into their sheet protectors.  For now I have the entire album in a cheap 3 ring binder.  I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it like that or if I’ll buy a nicer album for it to go in.  I do know that I love the “Week in the Life” project.  It is so cool to look back at it (my first one was done in January of 2008) to see how much our daily routine has changed in just that short time!  Hope you enjoyed looking at it.  I have more projects coming!  Happy Monday!

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