Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gone Fishing & a Scrapbook Page


Self portraits in the car after fishing on Saturday.  We only caught one fish, but we had a great time-no kids!  The fresh air was awesome and it was so nice to just sit and enjoy the silence. 


Bryan-enjoying watching Daddy cut the head off of the yellow perch that I caught. 


Elizabeth.  I’m still freaked out about taking senior pictures, so I am practicing lots of angles and types of shots. 


{Template and papers from Michele Martin and Springtime Cutup from Katie Pertiet-all available at}

My favorite photos from our fishing trip.  Daddy wasn’t very happy that I included this photo of him, but I told him that if you are going to do these sorts of things on film, then I am NOT going to let them languish in digital oblivion. 

Hope everyone had a lazy kind of fishing weekend!  Happy Sunday!

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