Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


{Templates are from Ali Edwards, "Week In The Life 8.5x11 Layered Template Album" and Patterned Paper is from Jesse Edwards, "All Natural 2" paper pack, both available on}

For Mother’s Day, my first page is a celebration of the “Mom Face!” It’s the “I am allowing you to take my photo, but I am Definitely NOT HAPPY” about it,” face. The “I am just moments away from ripping that camera out of your hand and stomping on it” face. And everyone in our family has it. It shows up every now and then in our photos-for some of us, it shows up more often than others. And we’re pretty sure that Mom started it. And we’re pretty sure that we get it from her. I have been tagging possible “Mom face” photos when I go through photos. And I decided that Mother’s Day was an excellent day to showcase them. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


And this page is a random grouping of photos from various holidays over the last few years. Except for the one at the top which was taken on my 18th birthday.

We love you, Mom! Thanks for being the BEST MOM EVER!

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