Monday, May 3, 2010

Saturday-National Scrapbooking Day 2010


This is how I celebrated NSD on Saturday.  Well-for a couple hours on Saturday.  I had to get a ton of stuff done first since I knew I wasn’t going to have my car Sunday and Monday. 


{15 minute pause as I am working on this blog post to show Elizabeth how to do some story problems for Algebra II…}

Here is a photo of me working on one of the layouts.  I had almost as much fun taking the photos and setting up the shots as I did scrapbooking. (and snacking on candy…) I had enough time to complete 3 pages.  I already had “kits” made up for each page so that once I finally got upstairs and ready to go I could finish them quickly. 


The first layout has a photo of Mom and Kate taken on Easter.


Here is close-up. I had some supplies that I had purchased before Valentine’s day from a shop on  Love these colors together right now.   


Here is layout #2.  Bill and I in a photo taken by Sarah over Easter.  I can’t believe it will be 15 years in December!! 


Here is the close-up.  Lucky is right! 


Here is Layout #3.  The butterflies idea was based on a layout done by Mau Saha for a challenge on Cocoa Daisy.  I don’t usually care for challenges, but I DO LOVE BUTTERFLIES!  I finally had to order the new Martha Stewart butterfly double punch- here.  It should be here any day… 


And this is what I did today.  It was sunny and nice enough to have the window open in the kitchen.  I could hear a baby bird chirping somewhere nearby (probably my sparrow friends who live in the garage).  I took a vacation day today since I knew that the timing belt+waterpump would be a 2-day job and Bill wouldn’t be able to start working on it until Sunday.


So-since I am such a fabulous artist, this is what I created :)  But I had fun anyway.  More about today coming up in a future post. 

Have a great Tuesday!

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