Friday, May 21, 2010

Vintage and my Finished Apron



I was going to take the day off today so it could rain so I could work in the garden.  But since it was raining, I went in to work, ran to Michael’s, Barnes and Noble, and grocery shopping.  Later in the afternoon I had an idea and was suddenly inspired to work on my apron.  While I was working on it, I saw my Jenni Bowlin bird sitting in its cage.  So I got it out and set it in the light where I could get a good photo. 


Here is the apron when I had everything safety pinned on to make sure that the ribbon was all the right length. 



Here is the finished product. 


I love this butterfly.  I found it at a Czech/Slovak antique store in the Czech Village in Cedar Rapids.  I saw it and instantly knew that I had to have it for this project.



And here I am wearing the apron.  Have a great weekend!  Hoping for good weather tomorrow! 

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