Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday-VK Day


Monday afternoon, I set up my “new” tent.  By new of course, I mean that I have had it sitting in my closet since August-the gift that I chose for my 5-year award at work.  But I never had a chance to set it up.  And since it is getting warm out, my mind is starting to think of camping. 


It is awesome.  I love how open it is.


Even the top is open.  I laid in it for about 10 minutes just looking up at the sky, thinking how awesome it would be to lay in it and watch the stars.  And the best part? 


It has a rain fly….Since it rains every single time we go camping…Woot!


I took a photo of myself with the flowers.


Daddy finished my car.  More on that when I have time to put all the photos together. 


It was a truly beautiful day!


Butthead came home sick during 2nd hour. 


Daddy put the brushguard back underneath the car.  Even though he didn’t really want to :) 


And Bryan mowed the lawn (for cash) since Daddy was busy with the car. 

A good vacation day.  Except that I have a horrible cold.  Hoping to feel better soon.

Happy Wednesday!

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Sarah B said...

LOVE the new tent. We'll have to test out the rain fly next time you guys can make it to CO! ;) Looks beautiful there, it's been beautiful here too! Too bad I've been working all night and sleeping all day! Sorry you're not feeling well. I just got over a cold as well. It sucks! I love your photos! Miss you! Love you!