Thursday, May 27, 2010

William’s Bday-Take 3


This doesn’t really have anything to do with William’s B-day, but it was funny that Bill took a photo from the front porch  of Elizabeth and Matt.


Checking out the cake once it’s frosted. 


And Taste testing….well-at least we know we brought the right kid home from the hospital :)


Just waiting for the singing to be over so he can get to the cake eating. 


I don’t know WHAT this face is about, but he held it like that for the last half of the song and I had to stop singing because I was laughing so hard.  He was looking at Elizabeth-hard telling what this was about-those 2 are like twins sometimes the way they talk to each other.  That is probably why the photo is blurry-couldn’t stop laughing.  So that was William’s birthday celebration.  I have photos this year to prove it.  Happy Friday (again.)!

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