Sunday, May 16, 2010



I didn’t take a ton of photos this weekend.  It just didn’t seem right since Sarah wasn’t with us.  But I did capture a few. 

Bill is fixing up his grill before  he makes dinner.


William thanks Grandma for the Birthday Card.  


Hanging out! 


Merlin (and even Tigger) were hanging out on the couch with Dad. 


Patricia hadn’t caught up on her sleep from working Thursday night. 


Bryan and Daddy hanging out on the couch too. 

We had a very relaxed, slow paced Saturday afternoon visit.  It was good times.  We missed you, Sari! 

Happy Monday!

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Sarah B said...

Man, I miss you a ton too!!! I so wish I could have been there! We got a lot done this weekend though. I just need to make a trip up to the house to get the rest of my stuff but it's kind of nice to do it in shifts. Cort helped out a ton and we've almost unpacked everything. Plus he mowed the yard today. All this even got done with Connor along. It went really well. Possibly the smoothest move I've ever had. Saturday night Cort's twin brother Cody and his wife came over to help and hang out for a bit. They brought dishes and blankets for us. I feel like I have a whole new family. Cort's family treats me as well as you guys do! They're certainly no replacement ;) but it is nice to have people I can call and that will pitch in and help me out reliably! Jason and Courtney have pretty much reached the end of Cort's and my kindness and understanding. We are way over it!!! I might call and talk to you later this week and I'll update you on that whole drama that I'm so glad I'm not in the middle of anymore. I love you guys and I miss you all a ton!!!! See you in July! Seems like an eternity! ;)
Love, Sari