Saturday, June 12, 2010

William’s Gift


I did take photos of William getting Sari’s gift, although some of them didn’t come out very well.  William tends to get ticked off at me for taking photos, so I try not to take too many. Here I told him he needed to open the gift where we could see him.  And I think he told me to stop taking pictures.  Humph…right…like that’s going to happen. 


Grammar Police t-shirt.  Sweet.  His Language Arts teacher appreciated it when he wore it for his LA final. 


And he found the candy!  I have a feeling you could put anything in the box, and they will always smile when they find the candy at the bottom.  He ate it all that night.  A large bag of Twizzlers and 2 bags of jelly bellys. 


Here he is listening to the Homer Simpson Card. We love the card!  We keep going back and listening to it.  I think he liked it, because he handed it to me and asked me if there was a place where I keep cards…(what a silly question…of course there is..)

What the card says when you open it: 

“Aigh!  Fire!  What do I do?  What do I do?  Oh- the song, the song!  When a fire starts to burn.  There’s a lesson you must learn.  Something something and you’ll see…you’ll avoid catastraphe…D’oh!”

Here is the texting conversation that Sarah and I had about the gift and our address and the size.  I am including it so that I can just copy and paste it into a journaling card for William’s Birthday.  Ta-da!  Instant scrapbooking!

Sari: Know what size shirt for Willme yet?

Me: Oh crap-no…

Sari: ;) just let me know when u think of it.

Me: He says small.  Make sure he didn’t give you the link 4 the girls shirt.  He did that to me once :)

Sari: What’s ur address?  I’m at the post office again without it! 

Me: (Send the address-which I am obviously not going to post here…) 

(I was working so I didn’t have time to be shocked and refuse to answer…)

Sari: Thanks!  Gotta just save it in my phone!!  Just sent Willmes gift.  Lizzy’s friends episodes are in there too.  Sorry nothings wrapped.  Hope he doesn’t mind ;)

Love it, Sari!  Thanks so much!  William thanks you too! Happy Saturday!

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Carrie said...

lol on text conversation! How sweet he asked you to keep the card. Aw.