Tuesday, June 8, 2010




I had a couple of flower pots that needed flowers and so I picked up some marigolds (we were buying some new grill stuff). Normally, I plant marigolds from seed. But I decided that I needed some orange in the yard. I am not a huge fan of marigolds. But even planting the seeds-I am totally reminded of Grandma Lewis. And that makes them my favorites. The smell of the flowers, the seeds, the color. They all remind me of Grandma and how I'm pretty sure she could make anything grow. I remember helping Grandma and Grandpa plant seeds in the garden when I was little. Using a string so that the rows would be straight. The scent of marigolds will IMG_8560

always remind me of Grandma. And I will always be drawn to them for that reason.

Happy Wednesday!

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