Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Memory #6


I don’t have a specific photo to go along with this one (William tends to pop in and out of a room quickly and at strange times when I don’t have my camera-such as right now as I type this), but the memory is something that I definitely want to remember. 

On Monday, William watched all 3 of the Lord of the Rings-extended edition movies.  In a row.  IN ONE DAY!  That is like 12 hours of movie watching!  Wow! 

There is a texting conversation between Sarah and I about this that I also want to remember. 


Me: Ha Ha!  William watched all 3 of the extended version lotrs today.

Sarah:  WHAT!?!?  What an amazing accomplishment!  I’m such a proud aunt right now!  I wish I had an attention span like him!  He’ll b a great college student!

Me: He even returned each one to its correct position on my shelf when each movie was over!  he’s getting so grown up!

Sarah: And so type A…just like his mommy…awww…

Me: I know right. 

Sarah: Ikr ;) Lol!  Too funny!


I love saving texting conversations. Since I very rarely txt it is REALLY easy for me to go through my txts.  Now-I can’t imagine a certain teenage girl trying to save her conversations…

I am having an awesome, relaxing, creative vacation. 

Have a happy Thursday!!

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Carrie said...

Wow - that is dedication! Cool, saving/documenting the text convo's. :)