Monday, June 14, 2010

Officially Summer 2010


  • The kids are officially out of school.  And guess what came today?  New Tevas!  {I told someone over the weekend that we had matching Tevas, although I guess they aren’t technically matching, but they ARE the same style (Terra Fi 3)-but I wanted flowers on minE :)  }
  • I have been wanting a new pair of Tevas for a couple of years.  I have been patiently wearing the same pair for many many years.  Sari may be able to remind me how many years because I think hers are the same age as mine.  But every year my husband manages to find a reason to need new ones instead.  He blows one out.  He lets the dog chew on one.  He breaks another one.  I believe this will be his 4th or 5th pair since I have been wearing the same ones.
  • So this is the year.  I splurge and buy a new pair.  And of course a new pair of Olawahu’s.  This year, in Lynx Blue.  I was actually going to replace my black pair, but they were out of them.  So Lynx blue was my next favorite. 
  • Happy Tuesday!


Go Teva!  Time to do some camping!  Which means it’s time for some more rain…

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