Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Memory #2



{Bubbles in the Rain}


Trying not to get my camera wet.  Daddy yelling at me not to take my camera into the rain.


Bryan blowing bubbles.  I bought a giant thing of bubbles a few weeks ago.  The kids told me that there was no wand in the bottle.  {The bottle said it came with a wand.}


So I bought another giant bottle of bubbles.  We now have 3 giant bottles of bubbles at our house.  And 1 wand.


I was hoping to take some photos of reflections in the bubbles.  But since I’m not supposed to take my camera into the rain…well…photos of Bryan are ok too!


Especially photos of Bryan trying to eat the bubbles.  It kind of reminds me of Sixteen Candles after the wedding when Molly Ringwald’s older sister is trying to catch the rice in her mouth.  Heh heh…80’s movies…

I am very excited to see that the forecast has moved from a 30% chance of rain on Friday to a 60% chance of rain on Friday.  Which means an excellent chance of us either NOT camping…or us GETTING WET.

Happy Thursday!

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ArtsyMama said...

You won the spot in Kara's class on my Ice Cream Social summer blog!! Please email me at so that I can pass your email on to Kara and she'll get you all set up.