Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ha-Mom Face!



Haha!!  I was looking for a graduation photo of Mom and I found this!  Classic Mom face.  Before she was a Mom!!!


So-on to the reason for my post.  I have been kind of milling around the house lately and I finally figured out what the problem is.  Typically this time of year we are swamped with things to do.  Normally we have some ceremony – graduation, awards, something.  Every year.  But this year-nothing.  Just kind of a nice and calm end to the year.  The teens have finals.  But that is about all. 


Then I remembered that we have massive graduation celebrations for the next 3 years.  HS, 8th grade, and HS.  And then suddenly-a year off didn’t seem so bad.  So now I am enjoying the quiet, laid back end to this 2009-2010 school year.  Good-bye school year.  



So I am thinking about doing a scrapbook page that compares my graduation with Mom’s graduation.  And then next year I can do a scrapbook page comparing mine with Elizabeth’s.  (ARGHHHH!!!!)

Anyway-today sucked.  Let’s hope tomorrow is better!  Happy Thursday!

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