Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Fun


I had a little too much fun  at the Antique store on Saturday morning.  I forgot to take a photo of the deciding factor on this scale.  There is a Holly Hobby sticker on both sides.  I had to have it. 


I finally made it to the farmer’s market for rhubarb.  Someday-I really will have to grow my own. 


Here are my finds from the antique store.  See if you can guess which one I was looking for when I went there…


On Saturday I cut up the rhubarb.  I bought enough for 2 batches, so I put one in the freezer and the other in the fridge.


And on Sunday…I made this.  Rhubarb crunch.  Mmmmm…William didn’t want to wait-he wanted to eat it right away.  So on Sunday-we had dessert first.  And once we started eating it-it lasted about 10 minutes.  And then it was gone.  But it was so good while it lasted. 


On Saturday afternoon-I made this recipe from BHG. 


But I think mine looked more appetizing :) 


On Sunday afternoon we had Brats on the grill with strawberry Sangria. 


Then we hit some practice balls in the backyard. 


Ralph would steal one every now and then and then take off and ruin it. 


Then we camped out…in the backyard.  So that everyone is happy, but our teenagers aren’t tempted to do anything that they shouldn’t do.


Then we played Star Trek Uno. 


Which is usually reserved ONLY for camping. 


And I lost…big time…twice.  But we had fun anyway. Then we camped out in the backyard.  It was a totally fun and relaxing weekend.  And today-I’m pretty glad that I get Tuesday off too.  Even though it is weird that the kids have school.  Have a great Tuesday! 

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