Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Size Does Matter


Friday evening I realized just how tall William has become.  Wow!  Here-Daddy is standing on his tippy toes to make believe that he is taller than he really is.  William shows what he thinks of that. 


Still standing on tippy toes.


Jumping up and down to show that he is taller.


Now William is jumping up and down.


Complaining that William has his shoes on. 

Yes, Daddy, you’re still taller.  For now…


William with his shoes off.  There isn’t much difference in height there…

Looking forward to good times this September! 

Lots of photos!  Lots of Family!  Lots of fun! 

Lots of Fall!  I love Fall and I can’t wait to spend it with family! 

Happy Wednesday! 


Sarah B said...

Haha! Love love love these photos Chrissy!! I can't wait either!! Do you have any idea what Butch's holiday schedule will be? I have to have mine in by Sept 19 so I'd like to know which holiday to take off. I'll probably have to work Thanksgiving so we may have to try to do it on Saturday if that works for you. Let me know! I miss you and I love you!!!! Tell everyone hi for me!
Love, Sari

scrapchick said...

Nice capture and fun post! It's like one day you turn around and whoa - where did you come from. lol