Saturday, September 4, 2010



{Jump-Scraplift from Stacy Julian’s page by the same name from the BPS Big Idea Festival.  I already had “Jump” photos from Tracey Clark’s Picture Summer class, so I thought this was an awesome way to showcase the photos that I didn’t use in my Picture Summer album. I even had the same color paper and very similar flowers that I’ve had laying around in my stash forever.}

Happy Saturday!  When I scraplift a page-I take as much as I can!  You know why?  Because it is all about the memory.  And showcasing the memory.  And using someone else’s ideas in your own application.  And that’s okay.  Sometimes I change things that need to be changed.  But the following pages were so awesome just the way that they were-I copied them almost exactly. 


{George, the Pot-bellied Bear-this scraplift is actually 2-fold.  First, I used Stacy Julian’s idea from the Big Idea Festival to take a photo of a childhood friend that you still have in your possession.  The layout itself is a scraplift from May Flaum’s page titled, “My Big Girl.”   }

I thought it was a great idea to do a layout of my bear.  He currently has a safe haven in Elizabeth’s room high above the floor and Tigger’s big sharp teeth which just love to dig into stuffed animals. 


{Elizabeth:2010-is a scraplift of Ali Edwards’ page for Elle’s Studio Blog free class, Journaling: In Your Own Words.  You can see here layout here.  And you can grab a .pdf of the class here.    }

I was ordering the Winter flashcards for my December Daily album and I decided to pick these circle journaling spots as well.  They are exactly the same size as the circle punch that I have, so the layout went together in minutes.  The hardest part of the whole thing was changing the thread in the sewing machine from orange to pink (and that only took about 30 seconds!). 

Well-I hope you’ve enjoyed my Saturday scraplifting.  Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! 


Sarah B said...

Of course everything you make looks amazing! I am still waiting for that disc of pictures! Haha! Actually i'm sure I will make it for William's confirmation in a couple weeks so you can just have it ready for me then ;). I miss you guys so much!! Hope everyone is well! I love you guys! See you soon!!!! said...

Love your pages - so pretty!! :)