Tuesday, September 21, 2010

After the Football Game



Elizabeth is a good sister.  She took the day off from work so that she could stand outside where it was sort of raining/sort of not and a little bit chilly to watch her brother play football.

Bryan had another great game. They didn’t win, but the score was only 14-6. And the other team brought 50 of their 78 players.  Bryan’s team gets to play the whole game (there are only 22 of them).  They play great as a team! And Bryan is doing an awesome job at Center. 

(Of course, I knew he would.  He is even getting his long snaps!) 


And then she took both of her brother’s to Dairy Queen for treats. 

The money from her first check was burning a hole in her pocket :) 

Happy Day! 

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Anonymous said...

Nice on the playing! What a nice sister!