Monday, September 20, 2010

Blast From the Past


  My honey with his brothers and sisters.  From shortest to tallest:  Chris, Butch, Sheryl, Don, and Jenean.  But check out what happens if I do this: 



Look at that!  Comparing William and Butch.  One thing jumps right out at me.  Those eyes that are so full of mischief.  And they use it to their full advantage :)  I love that in the Black and White photo you can’t tell that Butch’s eyes are blue, so the two of them look even more alike.  They have the same chin, the same ears, and the same blond hair (although William’s has gone super brown, more like mine. 

And then of course the photo from couple of weeks ago: 


As blurry as it is, you can still see the resemblance in the eyes and the chin.  William does a pretty good job of covering up the ears. 

so. Sweet. Thanks for the photos, Granny.  Even though it took me nearly 3 months to get one of them scanned.  I have been thinking about them.

Happy Tuesday!  Hope everyone has some monster plans for the weekend ;)

I know we do! 

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