Monday, September 6, 2010

Senior Photoshoot Sneakpeak #1


I don’t think it is any secret that taking senior photos kind of freaks me out.  Because I am pretty afraid of screwing them up.  But I am slightly less afraid now.  This was a practice session to get ready for the real session.  And the girls did an awesome job!  I was really proud of them.  So-here is a sneak peak and don’t worry-I have TONS more photos that came out great, but these are my absolute favorites.  And believe me-it was really hard to pick out favorites because there are so many!  Most of them are straight out of the camera, but I couldn’t help cropping a couple and changing a couple when I thought it would add to the feel of the photo.  Enjoy!


Love this one of the girls together. 


These photos of Tara and her Mom are awesome.  This photo is based on the winning photo in the Pioneer Woman’s “Love contest” here. 


Love your smile, Treesa!  While I didn’t do it today, I will probably change a copy of this photo to match the photo above with the slight black and white. 


Idea for this photo by Andrea Jenkins here.  This one is really out of focus like the one that she took (too bad we couldn’t get an ocean background…)


and I also took one that is only slightly out of focus.  I also have one that is completely in focus, but I like the out of focus shots better. 


They were really good sports about the bazillion times they had to jump up and down.  But I love the result!


Love this one too!  Because at the heart of it-these girls are just crazy teenagers who love to have fun.  And it really shows here. 


The only way that I can get a real smile out of her is if we start quoting lines from Friends.  Then I always get a real smile. 


These two take great photos together. 


Love this one of Kassandra. 


Tara did a great job! 


Elizabeth is always comfortable in front of the camera.  She tells people all about how I take 20 or 30 photos just to get the one perfect one that I know I can get.  I suppose it is probably an engineer thing. 


Girls laughing. 


Heads together so that Kassandra’s hair would stop blowing straight up into the air.  I can’t wait to take the next set of photos.  You guys did a great job and you’ll do great when we do the next set.  You’re halfway there! 

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day!  It’s just the kids and I kicking around here today. Bryan is sick-not sure if it was something he ate or just the flu starting already.  Elizabeth and William both have colds-happy “back to school!”  And I ran to Walmart around 9:45 this morning…Can you say Zoo?  The ONLY reason I went was so that Bryan could buy something with his money.  Otherwise I totally stay away from the retail scene on holiday weekends.  I should have told him no :) 

Happy Labor Day! 

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Sarah B said...

They look great Chrissy!!! I knew they would!! Love you! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!!
Love Sari