Friday, September 3, 2010

Lincoln Logs and December Daily


It’s my favorite time of the year.  That’s right…not Christmas, but planning for the entire month of December celebration.  I am planning my December Daily for 2010.  I was really excited today when I found that our local Michael’s had some new Tim Holtz product on an endcap.  Woot!  Tim’s products always show up in the December Daily album.  And today I just received some tags that I ordered from Elle’s studio here.  I can’t wait to use those!  I couldn’t decide between the Winter flashcards and the Santa flashcards…so I had to buy both.     


The next part of the December Daily involves the box.  I have a post office box, a little over 12x12, perfect for holding papers up to 12x12 in size, that I keep in my closet for the December Daily album.  I will sometimes pick things up after Christmas on Clearance and throw them in the box.  Throughout the year if I run across something that I think I might use…I throw it in the box.  So August and September are a little bit like Christmas.  I dump everything out of the box, and I’ll say, “Oh, this is perfect!  I forgot that I bought this!”  So the idea, and if you’ve never heard of it, you can read about it on Ali Edwards’ website here, is to plan in August and September.  In October, I put the basics of the album together and post photos on my blog.  Then I set it aside.  In December, the real fun starts!  I have just begun my planning process this year, so you’ll probably hear more about it later. 


Tonight, Bryan decided that he wanted to put Lincoln Logs together because he was bored.  William and Elizabeth were at the football game, so it was just him with us. 


This is what he built!  I love it.  I really miss Lincoln Logs-why don’t kids play with these more often anymore? I suppose they aren’t as cool as Ipod’s and text messaging.  But I love them.

  Here is to a fun and happy and LONG weekend. 

Happy Saturday!

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