Monday, August 3, 2009

Taking Photos

My sister and I love taking photos! Whether it is of each other, the beautiful scenery, or the local foliage (lots of these!) we always have a camera handy. And my sister takes fabulous photos! Thanks, Sarah! I actually got to be in some vacation photos!
Sarah saw a marmot hiding under a rock and stayed to take photos, so it took her a little while longer come down from the top of Mt. Evans. He was a cute little guy.
Sarah taking photos of the flowers around our campsite.

Sarah and I taking photos of each other taking photos at our campsite :)

I uploaded 250 photos to Shutterfly yesterday (it's not as impressive as it sounds.... ) It was really great sharing photos with Sarah as we took them so that we both have photos like this :)
I decided to create a photobook with my vacation photos, so I will be starting that process very soon. I can't wait to play with all of the photos! Happy Tuesday!

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