Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mt Evans-14,270 feet

Here we are on top of Mt. Evans with Sarah and Jeremy on Tuesday. Butch carried the tripod so that I could get a photo of all of us up at the top. I have a TON of photos to sort through {I am SOOOO glad that I can digitally sort through them rather than having a ton of photos developed and then throwing half of them away} but here is a brief summary of our vacation:

*over 2,000 miles driven
*1 emergency prompt care visit for tons of stitches
*1 mom relieved that it wasn't more serious
*many delicious dinners
*1 waterlogged camping trip
*6 Gb of photos taken
*1 trip to Mt. Evans
*a couple of celebratory beverages
*miles and miles of beautiful scenery
*lots of animals
*tons of fun

I totally missed my puppies while we were gone, but we had a wonderful time! It was great to visit family and friends and see both extremes of Colorado-the flatlands and the mountains. They were both beautiful and I will try to get it all organized so that I can post what we did. In the meantime...we need to get some groceries. There is NO food in this house. Happy Saturday!

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Sarah J said...

We're out of food too! Miss you guys so much!!!! By the way, it hasn't rained since you left ; )