Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Ranch, Part I

Laura and Charlie's ranch in Southern Colorado.

When Laura and Charlie found this horse, he was severely malnourished. He used to be a racehorse. They have had him for a while now and he still isn't up to his proper weight.

This is 86. Also known as, Houdini. She gets out of the pen a lot. Like twice in one day while we were there.
This is 96. He is still being bottle fed.

This is one of the hens. She is good at keeping eggs warm, so that is what she does.

Here we are with Laura & Charlie on Sunday night. They are totally awesome people and Laura did a great job of taking care of my husband before I was old enough to meet him :) Laura made some awesome food and we thank both of them so much for having us and putting up with us over the weekend!

Love this photo-I can't remember if Sarah took this one or if one of the kids took it. But it turned out great! And look at that backdrop! Love to get photos of me with my sweetheart!

I know Sarah took this photo. I am going to use this layout for the cover of my vacation book.
We had such a great time in Colorado! More photos of Sarah and Jeremy coming soon. Happy Popcorn Day {Thursday}!


Sarah J said...
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Sarah J said...

I removed my last comment because I didn't know how to edit and it looked like a blind person had typed it...and I've still got 9 hours of work left!!! Anyway, I love your front page. It is awesome! You will have to show how to do that stuff. I bought Elements 6 for Mac. 7 is out but only for PC. Stupid PC ;) I'm excited to play around with it when it gets here. No prob with the pic posting. Camping is next. I could post for a week with all the pics we took! I love you guys and miss you tons!