Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sarah & Jeremy's Part 2

Hiking up the hill to see the view. Wow-we were NOT used to the altitude {around 8,000 ft.}
Sarah making yummy french toast!

My french toast was delicious!!!!
This is my photo of Lake Echo at Mt. Evans. {It is sooo much better than the postcard photo.}

Elizabeth and Bryan on the way up the mountain. We saw some really awesome clouds below us while we were driving up.

At the top.

Lots of photos!

Love this photo!

The photo that Sarah thinks I should use as my Christmas photo!

Jeremy looks like he's on the edge of the earth here.

If you look really close, you can see the marmott in the lower right hand corner. The edge of the windshield was in the way.

Photos of the 2 of us! I love this one on Sarah's deck.

Ahhh, look. The sun came out just a few hours after we left our campsite.

Love your flowers, Sari!

Jeremy is pinching off the parsley.

I love this organic salad! I started buying it at home!

Sarah's pies. She made these 2 pies while we were sleeping off the cold and damp of our waterlogged camping trip. They were delicious, Sarah! Thanks so much!
I will be doing a dedicated camping post later this week. I want to give our camping trip the memory it deserves....Happy Monday!

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