Monday, December 26, 2011

December Daily 2011-Day 23


Day 23! 


The gift exchange.  So much fun-we’ve been doing this for years to keep the kids out of our hair as we get closer and closer and Christmas. Actually, this happened on the 22nd.  But I had already made a page for the 22nd, because I knew that the night of the 22nd through the 25th was going to be quite a blur. 


Elizabeth got the antlers out and started dressing up the doggies.


You can tell how thrilled they are Open-mouthed smile


Mom’s tree.  Love spending time at home for the holidays. 


Kate told Mom that we needed to get the presents out from behind the couch and put them under the tree.  I agreed, so Kate and I got the presents out and arranged them. LOVE!


Had some trouble with the family photo this year.  But I love the collage.


I knew this was going to happen, but this is the BEST place to take the family photo when it is cold outside. 

I actually love the sunflair.  I think it makes the photo look a little old fashioned.  Plus…we’re all in it.  And I think my dad is smiling…?!

The other photo (the one without me in it and me shading the lens) turned out great.  And technically this is day 24, but I have more photos for Day 24, so this gets included in Day 23.


But of course, I’m not in it.  So…add to my list for next year-I need a lens hood. 


It was hard to choose just a hand full of photos for the collage, but these were some of my favorites.  

Happy Day 23!

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