Sunday, December 11, 2011

December Daily 2011-Day 10


Day 10


My favorite decoration-the Christmas lights hanging in my dining room window.  And a polaroid of my kitchen table decorations right now.  Or some of them.  My table is pretty crazy right now Open-mouthed smile


Like father like son.  Love these two goofballs.


I love that Bill picked out the Elf hat, but I keep finding William actually wearing it. 


I already have like 4 poinsettias around the house right now.  But I saw this glittery beautiful candy-cane looking one at Walmart on Saturday morning and I had to have it.  And I love making two candy canes into a heart shape and taking a photo in front of the tree. 


I had taken a couple of polaroids on Saturday night, but still needed one more to fill up the set of four.  When I woke up, Elizabeth had taken two:  one of her and Matt and one with her, Matt, and Bryan.  I love it!!  So perfect! 

Happy Day 10! 

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Denise Kaycee said...

Nice layouts -- love the candy cane heart in front of the tree and like father like son.
Happy Sunday :)