Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December Daily 2011-Day 21


I cannot believe that we are on Day 21 already.  Wow!  And I want to talk about something that is seriously missing from the photos this year.  Baking.  My Gingerbread houses are not made.  They probably aren’t going to get baked this year.  And I think I’m okay with that this year. I’m working more hours at work. And I’m stressed. And tired.  And I think that I’m not going to enjoy making them.  And normally when I run into years like this I make them on Christmas Eve.  But we are celebrating Christmas early this year.  And that is okay.  Some things just won’t get done.  The important things are done.  {Except for hanging the stockings.  Those will be done soon-probably tomorrow night.} And I am okay with this.  There is a slim possibility that I could have time to make the gingerbread house pieces tomorrow afternoon.  But if it doesn’t happen it will be okay.  With that said, On to the Dec Daily! 

The photo above was actually taken the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Elizabeth and I went shopping at Michael’s for Christmas-y stuff.  And we had a lot of fun. And I haven’t used the photo anywhere else.  And I really haven’t had a chance to take a lot of photos of Elizabeth this year, even though she is right downstairs!  So I wanted to include it today. 


I haven’t had a lot of time to work on Journal Your Christmas Prompts.  And that is okay too.  I am hoping to work on them next week.  But I did peak at the prompt this morning and it was simple.  Take out the camera.  Take photos. Don’t change anything-take photos of the house the way that it is right now. 


Lots of stuff going on!  The dogs around the house, lots of cards hanging around the doorway, wrapping the last of the presents, making tags, and these adorable PJ’s for Isabella.  Also took William shopping with me.  He got a new sweater out of the deal-not sure how that happened…


Getting ready for Christmas. Love.

Happy Day 21.  It is getting so close.  And my book is getting soooo full. 

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camilla said...

Great pages. I like your collage.