Saturday, February 5, 2011

Progress-Crochet Project #1


So after nearly a year of crocheting granny squares and ripping them up, I finally have a direction for my afghan.  The yarn I am using is Impeccable, by loops and threads and it is available at Michaels. 


I start with a simple square.


Then I finally learned how to add on around the square to make it bigger. 


This is what it looks like with the two colors together.  As I was taking the photos, I was thinking, “What a coincidence that the granny square uses the exact same colors as my tablecloth!”  But I don’t think it is a coincidence.  I think I really just like those colors together Smile 


Anyway-because sometimes I have to “SEE” the finished product before it is complete, I had to put a couple of squares together (which I learned how to do by watching You-Tube videos on my snow day Wednesday.)  And it worked!  So this weekend I will be working on the squares that I have so far and trying to decide just what size I want the finished afghan to be.  This one is for the living room, so it doesn’t have to be too huge.  Just large enough to cover up a little bit while watching TV. 


And because I’m a little OCD…I found a way to stack my finished squares by using a container from the dollar spot at Target and a crochet hook.  I also found that if I run the yarn out through the opening in the side that I could keep the ball from rolling all over the place.  Sweet! 

Anyway-here’s to progress!  And moving forward.  Hope you have a great Saturday.  Later today I will start putting together some yummy SuperBowl treats!  Since my team isn’t in the Superbowl, I might as well sit around eating lots of high calorie foods instead! 

Happy Weekend!


River Glorious said...

:) nice colors! :)

a word to the wise: leave a longer tail of yarn for weaving in later on. it could unravel if you don't.

scrapchick said...

Pretty colors! And how smart to stack like that - I will mention to my Mom.