Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Sweet Valentine


This is what I spent most of my time stressing about over the weekend.  Finishing this book for Daddy.  I don’t know why the procrastination thing.  I had the book pages painted and complete a month before Valentine’s Day!  Anyway-I will spare you the really mushy pages and show you a few of the other ones.


I love my husband so much that I gave up a Sunday of watching the Bears to watch Buffalo play at the Metrodome in Minnesota.  (THAT IS LOVE!)


I love Christmas shopping with him-he sings Christmas carols nearly nonstop.  It used to bother me, but not anymore.  I love it!


Time together.


And finally-stamps from Tim Holtz!  Anyway-I thought I would share a peak at the book. 


Love this candle that belonged to Grandma.  I remember when she got it.  I thought it was so cool when the candle was burning inside. 



Elizabeth and the Bunny that her and Matt made for Valentine’s Day at Build-A-Bear.


Making a Caribbean Martini…dare I say it…Shaken…not stirred… 


Printing sticker photos from my Blackberry with the new POGO printer – SWEET!  More on the printer in the future. 


My Valentine Red heart

Hope everyone had a great week!

Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh, looks like a fun printer! Really cute book! How adorable! Love the stitching you did on the heart!