Sunday, July 5, 2009

Project 365-June 2009

Here it is-June in a nutshell {help! how do I get out of this nutshell?} he...he...Anyway-we were VERY busy throughout the month of June. Good times. Looking forward to July!
Edited: We bought snowcones and lots of summer projects at Michaels. The birds have been eating like crazy out of the feeders. We had a 5th grade celebration for Bryan and an 8th grade graduation for William. The guys have done lots of mowing with all the rain. I painted Bryan's room blue. We celebrated father's day. There was storm followed by some beautiful sunset colors in the sky. Bryan found the first 2 cherry tomotaoes {still waiting for more}. I took the kids shopping at Coral Ridge for Elizabeth's birthday, celebrated Elizabeth's birthday, and Bryan started his first trumpet {cornet} lessons. Good-bye June!

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