Sunday, July 19, 2009

10 Things I Loved About Today

Picnic at Pleasant Creek in Palo, Iowa.

1. William helping Bryan with word finds in the car on the way to Pleasant Creek.
2. Bryan quoting a previous conversation,"We have a Monicals...oh no that's Wm: "Grandfathers." ...he he....Godfathers....
3. Me: Periodic table of the emelents...
4. William's story about making up bad words with Weston using the symbols for the elements in the periodic table.
5. no complaining...well....except for me...and William...

6. Wiliam working on word searches instead of eating his KFC.

Play wrestling at the park.

7. Bryan powering the canoe sitting in the back while Daddy was in the front.
8. William getting mad at me for changing sides with my paddle.

William is catching up, Daddy!

You can't tell these 2 are related....not at all...

Photo by William-actually both boys took photos of us and they both turned out great! But I like this one because we are laughing. A piece of my hair blew in Daddy's face and William took the photo. The resulting picture looked like he was picking his nose.

9. Taking photos afterwards. (I LOVE how grown up you guys are getting!)

10. I FINALLY got to go canoeing!

We missed you, Elizabeth! We will have fun on Vacation though!

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